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Private Groups


Currently we have about 90 walks which can be booked for private parties subject to the availability of guides and the agreement of property owners, where relevant. The walks cover many parts of Calderdale and many different aspects of the area's history. The areas covered range from the truly rural, through hamlets, villages, and small towns to specific parts of our larger towns or particular themes there.


Private bookings in the past have included local history societies, exchange parties from twin towns, coach parties visiting the area, school groups, and other groups who just have a general interest in the area and want an interesting summer evening out – to name only a few of the categories we've catered for.


We have considerable experience in arranging walks with Anne Lister and Gentleman Jack as themes. Please contact us.


Our typical walks are approximately 2 hours each. But in several areas shorter or longer walks can be arranged - we aim to be very flexible. For those wanting a full day excursion we could arrange both a morning and afternoon session. If you have a particular need, we'll work with you to try and find the right answer. See the full list of all the walks in our repertoire shown below. For more details and charges and any specific enquiries, please contact us.



CONTACT US BY EMAIL : cdaleheritagewks@gmail.com

OR SEE THE WEBSITE AT : www.calderdaleheritagewalks.org.uk